New Year, New Beginning

The chamber is beginning 2016 with a renewed focus to work more effectively with our members, the City of Trotwood, and regional chambers. We will focus more on what we can do to help businesses improve their processes and remain vibrant.

As we reflect on 2015, we are pleased with what we accomplished. We added more members than we lost. We provided Business After-Five and member appreciation events. We worked with Northern Chamber Coalition to present workshops to businesses in Montgomery County and surrounding areas. Our golf outing and Annual Dinner & Businesses of the Year were successful.

We are excited about going forward this year and the possibilities that lie ahead. The Chamber will continue to be involved with the Northern Chamber Coalition exploring new possibilities for our region, providing workshops and seminars to keep the communities abreast of changes in our region. We will also present workshops, seminars and After-Five events that will help members improve their processes.

The Chamber works with businesses, government, the non-profit sector, and individuals to build a positive economic environment to ensure and enhance the quality of life in Trotwood and the region. We strive to be a positive voice for the community by working with others to present events to enhance the business experience and educate business leaders.

We invite you to join the Trotwood Chamber where we are making a difference to the businesses in our community. Should you have questions or need more information, please call Trotwood Chamber of Commerce at 937.837.1484 or email are here to assist you!

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” - Confucius 

Marie Battle, CAP
Executive Director

President's Note

Bethany Yost, Trotwood Chamber of Commerce PresidentLast year outgoing president, Bruce Kettle, predicted that Trotwood was beginning to see some light at the end of a dark economic tunnel. I too believe that we are in the beginning stages of a new era. In 2015 there were several positive signs. One, we saw 20 local businesses expand, commit to move into Trotwood or actually move into Trotwood. And, two, the Community Improvement Corporation worked with 20 properties, helping to stabilize some of our residential areas. Additionally, the city is focused on economic development in ways identified through the economic plan that was retooled in 2013 by a large, diverse group of Trotwood residents and business leaders.

If we look only at each individual business success or each individual house improvement, we might miss the bigger picture. When we step back and see the total impact of these economic foundational building blocks we can see that a new future with a fresh beginning is starting to emerge.

Businesses and organizations continually evolve themselves in order to stay relevant as people and communities change. The chamber is no exception. So this year we will be evaluating our role in the current development of Trotwood and seeking to evolve in a way that is beneficial to our members and community.

Our board is compiled of members that represent non-profit community organizations, large corporate businesses, small local businesses, government, and education. Some of our members have been on the board for a long time while others’ tenure is much shorter. I believe that the diversity of our board makes us stronger and better able to facilitate the positive direction of our current state.

As part of our evolution, the board will invest considerable time and effort clarifying our focus and what benefits and services are most beneficial to our members. Please assist us in this endeavor by reaching out to a board member and sharing with them your thoughts on how we might better assist you in your business or organization, or share with us how your business is changing to meet the current needs of your customers.

Talking and working together better enables all of us to see and seize new opportunities. For your convenience, below this article I will list our board members and the role they currently have in our community along with their contact information. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts.

Please consider attending one or two of our networking After Hours events or our Annual Dinner. These events offer opportunities to get to know other community leaders and to share. Many times, business owners and managers will find new customers at these events, so come on out and enjoy some good food and company while you promote your business!

I am honored to be president of your board and I hope to serve you well throughout 2016. Please reach out to me if I can help you in any way.



2016 Officers & Board of Directors

Bethany Yost
Frontier Communications
6464 Westbrook Road
Clayton OH 45315
Phone: 937.837.4157

Dr. Karen Celik
New York Pizzeria
498 E. Main Street
Trotwood OH 45426
Phone: 937.854.3066
Vice President
Jim Pierce
North Dayton School of Discovery
3901 Turner Road
Dayton OH 45415
Phone: 937.219.3471
Sandra K. Monaghan
Salem Woods Apartments
5291 Wood Creek
Trotwood OH 45426
Phone: 937.837.6358

Board Member
Pam Hall
Friendship Village
5790 Denlinger Road
Trotwood OH 45426
Phone: 937.837.5581—ext. 1269
Board Member
Marlon Howard
Trotwood-Madison City Schools
3594 Snyder Road
Trotwood OH 45426
Phone: 937.854.3050—ext. 1150

Board Member
Bruce Kettelle
Totally Trotwood/Wolf Creek Mktg.
7680 Wolf Creek Pike
Trotwood OH 45426
Phone: 937.837.6401
Board Member
Jeannette Mitchell
VFW Post 4270
4112 Fleetwood Drive
Dayton OH 45416
Phone: 937.274.8949
Board Member
Quincy E. Pope, Sr.
City of Trotwood
3035 Olive Road
Trotwood OH 45426
Phone: 937.854.7202

Board Member
Deborah A. Smith
Alexis Enterprises
P. O. Box 6033
Dayton OH 45405
Phone: 937.657.6409
Board Member
Mary H. Weber
Brunner Literacy Center
4825 Salem Avenue
Dayton OH 45416
Phone: 937.567.9600
Board Member
Demarus Crawford-White
3632 Hermosa Drive
Dayton OH 45416
Phone: 937.672.0402
Board Member
Kimberly Willis
Shiloh Springs Care Center
3500 Shiloh Springs Road
Trotwood OH 45426
Phone: 937.815.5635
Board Member
George I. Worrell
Lowe’s Home Improvement #42
5252 Salem Avenue
Trotwood OH 45426
Phone: 937.854.8200


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