Trotwood Pop-Up Business Project Seeking Entrepreneurs to Open Businesses in Trotwood, Ohio

Happy New Year!

The chamber is dedicated to working with its members and the City of Trotwood to promote growth for businesses. We are a progressive city with quality schools, affordable houses, responsive city government, and a community that cares about its citizens.

The chamber works with businesses, government, the non-profit sector, and individuals to build a positive economic environment to ensure and enhance the quality of life in Trotwood and the region. We strive to be a positive voice for the community by working with others to present events to enhance the business experience and educate business leaders.

As we reflect on 2014, we are pleased but not satisfied with what we accomplished. We must focus on how we can improve our course of action to be more beneficial to our members. We are excited about the prospect of 2015 and are hopeful that it will be with growth and fulfillment for our members.

We will continue to find new ways to help businesses prepare for success and to help them grow. We believe it is imperative that we support local businesses, as they are the backbone of our existence.

We invite you to join the Trotwood Chamber and help us “think globally and shop locally to create a bright future” for Trotwood and surrounding area.

A quote from Barbara Johnson states, “Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.”

Marie Battle, CAP
Executive Director

President's Note

Bruce Kettelle, Trotwood Chamber of Commerce President

2015 marks the midpoint of what I suspect will become known as "The Decade of Recovery" as Ohio and the nation rebuilds our economy devastated by the 2007 Wall Street housing collapse. Trotwood is no different as some of our vacant business properties begin to find reuse and the first hints of payroll growth give us some signs of optimism.

The businesses of the Trotwood Chamber look forward to the better times ahead and hope everyone will continue to be supportive ambassadors of our community by fulfilling the needs of our residents and helping to attract more businesses to our area.

Leaders can look to the Chamber for resources to help build stronger companies and find savings through our various benefit programs ranging from employee benefits to discounts on supplies from Office Depot. For details on benefits offered visit

Thanks to our board members and our executive director, the chamber has produced many engaging events to help promote and educate our members. 2015 will be just as energetic. Look for engaging speakers, networking events, and outreach efforts to help engage our businesses and attract new ones in the tradition of all our esteemed past presidents.

We will continue to work closely with city leaders in their efforts to attract new business and new residents. For example, the city’s Trotwood Now effort to rehab vacant homes and bring them back to the market is already showing some success and has the potential to update over 30 homes in the near future. This effort will help stabilize our home prices, bring new students to the Trotwood-Madison Schools and inject new customers for our businesses.

We can’t do this alone and encourage you to become part of our organization and contribute ideas and energy to help your chamber serve the community.

The light at the end of this economic tunnel is beginning to brighten and we want you to be ready to make the most of it. Join us to help make Trotwood a retail and light manufacturing destination.  I encourage you to Think Globally and Shop Locally.

Bruce D. Kettelle, President
Trotwood Chamber of Commerce

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